The Sweetest Wedding Cake Trends of 2018

The Sweetest Wedding Cake Trends of 2018

The Sweetest Wedding Cake Trends of 2018. Mobile Image

Apr 04, 2018


The wedding cake, one of the sweetest parts of your big day, is more than just a reception treat- it's a way for you and your new spouse to both express yourselves and give your guests a delectable memory.  In other words, it's one of the most important desserts of your life!

With so many different styles and themes for weddings out there, it can be a little overwhelming to decide on a cake design to fit your wedding. This year, wedding cakes have become even more creative and artistic than ever before, so there are a lot of amazing images to look to for inspiration.

We've chosen some of our favorite wedding cake trends complete with beautiful examples that are sure to inspire you and get your mouth watering.



Good as Gold

If your wedding theme is all about opulence and luxury, this cake trend would be the perfect choice! Gold leaf is actual gold that's totally edible and makes your cake look like an expensive heirloom. Not to mention, the metallic finish photographs beautifully!


Photo by Paul Morse Photography


Photo by Cly Creation


Photo by Chloe Giancola Photography



Your Cake as a Canvas

One of this year's biggest trends is the hand-painted or watercolor cake. Every cake in this category is almost too stunning to eat! If you're looking for a more personalized cake, the painted cake is a great choice, since you can request whatever you like on it. We also love how it incorporates a ton of really fun colors that would look great at a Spring or Summer wedding!


Cake by Lulu Cake Boutique and photo by Philip Flicks


Cake by Cake Ink




The Rustic, Nearly-Naked Cake

Unfrosted wedding cake? You might think we're crazy- and you're right! We're crazy about this simple, yet elegant pared-down wedding cake style. It is perfect for rustic weddings, country weddings, or even weddings at gorgeous outdoor venues because of the cake's more natural look. If you're not a huge fan of fondant and frosting, give this trend a try!

Photo by Heather Payne


Cake by Sticky Fingers Cake Co.


Cake by AMF Banqueting Milano

Colorful Ombré

Ombré has been a huge trend in beauty and style for a while, so it's no surprise that this fun trend has made its way into the wedding cake world as well! If you and your spouse-to-be are big fans of color, this wedding cake style is a unique way to incorporate a little color into your ceremony. For those of you afraid to go all-out with the colored frosting, you can add ombré to the inside of the cake, creating a subtle and colorful surprise for your guests!


Photo by Marina Zinovyeva Photography


Photo by Theo Milo Photography


Photo by Le Secret d'Audrey

Crisp and Classic White

Because it is the classic, traditional style, the white wedding cake will always be a staple for ceremonies everywhere. However, that doesn't mean you can't make it your own! This year, the white wedding cake is getting a bit of a makeover with sleek, white-on-white detailing. If your wedding has a more classic theme with understated decor, this cake design will match perfectly because it is so crisp and minimalist. You can also match the cake to the detailing on your dress for another lovely, unexpected detail.


Photo by Corinna Raznikov


Photo by Marni Pictures


Photo by Aaron Delesie


We hope you loved these cakes as much as we did and gained at least a little inspiration for your own wedding! If you're still looking for the perfect wedding gown or bridesmaids dresses, visit the Bridal Connection website and book an appointment to visit us at our location in Ankeny, Iowa. We would love to help make your dream wedding a reality!