Let’s plan your “Once in a Lifetime Travel Experience, Your Honeymoon!”


Imagine spending several hours online looking at multiple resorts just to be more confused than when you started! Or how about spending several hours and making a large investment just to arrive at a resort that is nothing like you expected!
Who wants that? Nobody! 

Your in luck! Dan and Lara combined, have over 28 years’ experience designing clients' travel dreams that make incredible memories. We will work hand in hand with you designing your custom itinerary.

We have traveled extensively and hold several certifications in the travel industry. We know the resorts both good and bad. Dan and Lara have found during our many trips that every resort has a personality, trust me when we say, “resorts are not created equal”.

Do you know our services are completely FREE? We simply waive all our fees for our clients. Our vendor’s pay us a commission based on the reservation and were happy.


We’ve Got This!


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